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October 3rd, 2016

You don’t need a job

Dromen, Geld verdienen, Geluk, Inkomen, Toekomst, Vrijheid, by Jeroen.

You don't need a jobJOB: “Just Over Broke”
One way or the other, (almost) everybody thinks they need a job to earn money.
Allow me to say the following: nothing is further from the truth.
“Where does he get the nerve to claim something like that?”, you will ask yourself, “Everybody ‘knows’ you need a job to earn money?”
Do you really believe that? Or do you secretly hope that somewhere there is an opportunity that you can just quit your job and still keep your income, or even increase it?
Society is build in a way that makes us believe we all need a job, that life revolves around a job, that you cannot escape working your ass off on a job until you retire, paying extreme high taxes on the income you get on top of it, and to, after 40-45 years of hard labor, finally get a retirement to be ashamed off so low. If there still will be a retirement that is…
They make you believe that that’s life, that you have no choice in the matter, that it’s your destiny that was determined since you were born
But why is it that you do NOT need a job to earn money? Pretty simple: the money you earn is your income, and it is the income you need, not the job.
Do you have any idea how many opportunities there are to create an income? Think about it for a while and then read the following… Free yourself

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